Архив метки «журнал CityWeekend»

Интервью Александра Мальцева журналу «CityWeekend» (полная версия)

Активный участник и разработчик сайта Русского клуба в Шанхае дал интервью популярному развлекательному журналу для иностранцев Шанхае, «CityWeekend«. Здесь публикуется полная версию интервью, короткая версия опубликована на сайте журнала.

Alexander Maltsev celebrates heritage and vodka through the Russian Club / CityWeekendSo, just how many Russians are there in Shanghai?

I think there are roughly 1,500-2000 Russians in “Shanghaisk”. The number doesn’t include the people from the Soviet Union’s former satellite states, like Ukraine, Belarus, and of course Bashkortostan!

What exactly does the Russian Club do? Events, talks, parties, charities, mahjong club?? etc. Can you tell us about all the activities?

Yes, I do. We hold our regular meetings every month (as usual, last Friday of each month). It’s not a party, but it is a good chance to meet your friends and nice people in this crazy city. Every time we have almost the same deal: Russian music, vodka-beer and good discounts. And everybody likes it. We also organize BBQ-parties, meetings and readings with Russian celebrities, who just visits at Shanghai . And at times we held concerts with the popular Russian rock-band.

How did you get involved in the Russian Club? When?

I’m an IT-guy who likes social activities and make some useful things on web. The founders of Russian Club took notice of me, and then invited me to come to Shanghai. It’s happened one year ago. Now we have a new web-site with daily updates about Russian and expat life in Shanghai.

Who can join the Russian Club? Can non-Russian people join?

Everybody, who can drink a bucket of vodka in two minutes. There is other option: if you are interested in Russian culture or have a Russian friend, you are welcome. Прочтём до конца?