About Russian Club in Shanghai

The Russian Club in Shanghai caters to the Russian diaspora and those who want to learn more about them. For the newcomers, this club can provide valuable information on Shanghai’s history and contemporary culture as well as practical information about daily life in Shanghai.

Update: New interview with Alexander Maltsev about Russian club.

Interview by CityWeekend:


How long has the Russian Club been around?

We’re actually celebrating our tenth anniversary this year.

Congratulations! Do you have anything special planned?

Of course, we’re planning a large celebration and members of Russian communities from all over China and other Asian countries are coming to Shanghai.

Wow, Shanghai must be an important Russian community to attract such a crowd.

Before the 1950s, more than 30,000 Russians lived in Shanghai. Today there are 1,300 to 1,500 Russians in the city, but Russian influence can be seen all over Shanghai.

We’re guessing you don’t mean fur hats during the winter.

No, there are many examples of Russian architecture in Shanghai.

Like the Exhibition Center?

Yes, also the cathedral on Xinle Lu. It is probably the most important structure left.

It used to be a nightclub, right?

Yes, but through the efforts of the Russian Club, and with the cooperation of some Chinese government agencies, we were able to begin restoring it to its original use.

So, back to your anniversary celebration, what sort of events do you have planned?

It’ll be combined with a conference of Russians living in China. We will have Russian diplomats from China as special guests as well as events celebrating Russian culture.

And food, right?

No party is complete without a nice buffet. Well, there’s actually only one Russian restaurant in Shanghai.

Better start cooking now then