Mikhail Drozdov

Mikhail Drozdov has lived in China since 1996. He is the head of the Shanghai office of Mars Consulting, member company of the China Window Group, a consulting firm which assists Russian companies investing in China.

In parallel to his business activities, Mikhail is also dedicated to promoting the interests of his fellow Russians in China and the Asia-Pacific region. As such he is the chairman of The World Coordination Committee of Russian Compatriots (www.vksrs.com) and the Chairman of the Russian Club of Shanghai.

Mikhail has dedicated much work to charting the history of Russian immigration in Shanghai, and has also been working to establish a Russian Orthodox community in the city. He is also a leading member of “Polusharie” – a Russian language web-based community focused on Asia.

He is the author of numerous articles on legal issues as well as questions concerning the Russian Diaspora in Shanghai. In addition he is a published poet.

In 2004 he was awarded a medal by the City of St Petersburg in commemoration of 300 year anniversary for his commitment to developing a partnership between the cities of St Petersburg and Shanghai.

Mikhail holds a law degree from the University of Vladivostok, where also he taught. He studied Chinese at Dalian University and Fudan University in Shanghai.

Mikhail speaks Russian and Mandarin. He lives in Shanghai with his wife and three children.


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    Hello Mr. Drozdov,

    I am a friend of Maxim Maruta (Misha) in Beijing. I would like to talk to you about ice hockey in Shanghai.
    Please let me know if we can talk sometime.



    ~ Mark Simon, 13 августа 2013, в 09:00 Ответить
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    My name is Jeremy and I was a veey clos friend to Nina Schudnat who lived with hwr aunt Lydia and uncle Nicolai in Haebin and Shanghai. You have a photograph of The Mandrygin family against the backdrop of the Cathedral. Shanghai, 1956. I have the exact same photograpgh which came to me via hundreds of others when Nina passed away in 2002 age 86. I have spent a substantial amount of any free time I had over the last twenty years studying Nina’ journey.

    This is what is written on the back of the photograph…

    Haven’t written a word since departure – very resentful! My heart aches for us. Emma Karl has died (August). I am afraid that it is very hard for M. both emotionally and financially! Lydia’s sickness – one after another. How are you? Are you well? We hope to see you in person. Dear Nina I appeal to you to reckon in your mind to where and to whom we need to come with request upon arrival so that we could find a decent job for Petre. If it is possible, bespeak on our behalf in an introductory letter. All who have written that it is IMPORTANT.

    I gope this is of interst to you and others. I would like to have a brief email chat if you’re interested. I have some wonderful images of White russians in Harbin including some of fame.

    Yours with sincerity
    Jeremy Keane

    ~ Jeremy Keane, 16 февраля 2024, в 17:12 Ответить

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